The Joy of Asparagus

Today, a story of joy, for Christmas Eve. Today, asparagus. The asparagus that gets sliced off underground in Northern Europe and eaten with yellow potatoes, salt ham and hollandaise sauce (or with morels or truffles or venison or eggs or cheese or…) as a still-living reenactment of the sacrifice of the goddess Demeter’s daughter Kore, has seen the year pass now in the Okanagan Valley in Western Canada. She grew green and tall among the mule deer, the sagebrush, the chickadees, the pheasants, the magpies, the gold finches, and the coyotes, flowered, and has now been sacrificed by a hiker with a stick. Despair not at this …

asparagus2sm She is not despairing.

asparagus4sm In fact, she is radiant!


Merry Christmas, everyone! What a Christmas tree to be stopped in my tracks by! Thanks for walking through this year with me. Your comments have been inspiring this last year and have brought me much joy.

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    • I hope the puzzling wasn’t too painful. I went to East Germany in 2008, along the Camino (yes, it goes that far, although that’s only half way!). It burnt away the person called Harold, leaving some other guy to come back. Two years later, I dragged him back to see if he could find Harold. He did, but, intriguingly, when Harold crossed the old border to the West, he found that, like Coyote, his eyes had been replaced with Eastern ones. There was nothing for it after that than to invent the world from scratch. Sometimes, as it is on the Camino, one gets lost. Those are treasured times. I hope I left a coffee shop for you in them, though!


  1. A Christmas tree which has decorated itself – how marvelous!
    Thank you so much for all the wisdom you have shared with us this passing year, wish you a joyful Christmas and all the best for the year to come!


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