First Peoples

Trolls in the Okanagan and Iceland

It’s nice to meet old friends. Here’s an Icelandic troll I found at dawn on Easter two years ago.

Here’s the Okanagan version I found on Kalamalka Lake four days ago.P1660646


Here is his neighbour’s head.

P1660427 I figured if there was an old village site (Kekuli Bay Provincial Park), there’d be ancient ones in the rocks nearby. It’s pretty much a standard across the Fraser and Columbia Plateaus. Here’s another.



Here’s a similar one from Dimmuborgir, Iceland.



Sometimes water is involved. Here we are at Kalamalka Lake…


And here we are in Iceland…



The skulls and eye holes, and the troll lurking behind water, seem to be a theme. If you want to read the collective unconscious, just look at the world. We are walking through our minds.





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  1. Cool stuff, and perhaps what even makes it more interesting is that I’m not sure if I’m even seing the same faces in those rock formations as you are.


  2. Is it my imagination, or do the Icelandic trolls look more troll-ish than the BC ones? There is a sense of them being even more ancient and knowing.


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