In Praise of Wetlands

These are the people …


This is the time when the water rises.


It is the time when seed descends.


It is the time when rushes draw water from the cold…band

… because they once grew high in the sun …


… and did not let it go…


…(until now). Today, the sun they’ve held through the cold…


… is turning the cold to water…


… and the sun is being drawn into it ….P1620716 … deeply into it …P1620710… while the sedges have begun new growth …


… as their old leaves empty themselves of light between the rushes …


… and begin to fill the water …

P1620605… draining themselves of light …P1620630 … and quickening the water into life.


The water lives.

It quickens, multiplies …


… and becomes a world of spirit, making the old world new. It doubles it…P1620657

… , so it can replicate it.  This is the Way of Life. So, too, for the marsh grasses. The sun they kept for a year pours into the water in this season …P1620698

… and is born again, under the water, as new grass. It is not yet time for this life to be birthed into the air. P1620694

That time will come soon enough. For now, though, life has come.P1620636

It is never still. How could it be? It is life!

P1620628 It is always moving. This is the Way of spirit, that has held for all of human history except for the age when men and women replaced themselves with machines and machine codes. It is not a science, but it does have rigour, as great as that of any science.P1620627The life in the water is the shapes of the rushes, sedges and grasses, tall in the wind, and stirred by the wind, as it twirls the stalks, and gravity as it draws the water onward …P1620625 … and stirs it. P1620624 If you go out to meet this life …P1620622 … I hope you will set aside for a moment the good science you have been taught about the sun, and seasons, water and biological life (Although it is a beautiful thing, it is not the story we know in our bodies. It is not wisdom.) What you find may be simple, like this … the things of the earth are still….P1620614 … but the water is alive and quick.P1620611It will quicken you with wisdom, understanding, and new life (what science and the romance of the self call creativity), if you just live in your body for a moment, like the new shoots of grass among the old leaves …
P1620610 … woven with water and light …P1620608

… and being drawn, even now, into the sky (which is the breath of their ancestors) by the sun.



You, and the way you live, are art. And art is life. Now it is the time of quickening, but look at what will soon come, or, at least, it did last March 6, among the thulies (bulrushes) in Priest Valley, below my house.

P1160247 Bulrush tea.

P1160300 Add dissolving ice, then rain.

P1160307 Add sun.

P1160332 Perfect!

P1160325Let us praise.


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    • Hi,

      I took the first batch today, yes, on the Grey Canal Trail below the Rise. It’s a new wetland, in its third year, formed by cutting into the grassland slope. In it, the water destined for the valley below is reforming that lost wetland higher up. The others are down on the old mini-golf site to the south side of the creek, near the lake. We might expect the higher wetland (the first) to reach the complexity of th lower stage in a few decades (right now, it’s young), but I think there will be many examples around and about as the earth warms… when the light is right (late in the day, it will have warmer tones).



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