Okanagan Okanogan: The View From Here

Friends, it’s a happy day. Today, just over 35 months since I began with an image of the grassland (6 hits that day), and a gut feeling that a blog might prove a useful writing process, and 47 months since I had a vision of a new way of living on the earth, I have a manuscript. It’s about this land I love and all its stories and surprising histories, and it’s about the salmon coming home and my coming home with them and getting down to the real work, of remaking the land. I’ll finish it up in the next few days. I have a surprise, too: a second manuscript, which I thought was just going to be a short blog post today. I thought it was going to lead into another three years of writing. To my delight, it is largely written, scattered (and I mean scattered) throughout the posts on this blog. It’s rough, and stretched to encyclopaedic length with photographs, but I can feel its body scattered in space around me. It’s not far off. So, on this 800th post, on this journey of discovery from the Fraser River to the sea, from the Okanagan Valley to the Columbia Plateau, from Palouse Falls to the John Day River and East Iceland to the Mosel, the Rhine and the Rhone, deep into East Germany and back again, following the thread of a story like a salmon following a thread of scent up its birth river, in a sea of over 17,000 images (and another 200,000 in reserve) and about a half million words, it’s with excitement that I can show you a bit of my desktop today while the canning pot burbles on the stove and the scent of peaches fills the house:



Harold at Work


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    • Yup, I’m writing it, for a large part, to return the potlatch gift of your last book. A good kind of inspiration!


  1. You have no idea how much I enjoy your blog! So I am looking forward to your book, and to seeing more blog posts. You’ve inspired me beyond words! I only wish I could have your influence! I will have to settle for whatever results from the good energy I try to put out into the Universe…




    • Thanks, Simonne. Your energy keeps me going. It’s nice to know the words are landing on good branches. Best Harold


  2. Congratulations on the fruits of much labour! You offer insights and inspiration to many beyond your own home place. May all those in your own backyard rightfully rejoice with you.


  3. Congratulations, Harold, I’m thinking that book will be influential.
    Can’t be sure the same word will appply to the peach jam or tomatoes or applesauce…but one never knows! Do you put just a hint of cinnamon in with the Transparents?


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