Spiritual Technology Part 2

In the image below, a woman contemplates Horse Thief Butte above the Columbia River, while Horse Thief Butte contemplates her.P1290815

That’s not the only spiritual energy flowing through this place at the centre of the Northwest. Take a look at Mount Hood. She plays her tricks, too. In the image below, she is rising white with snow above the horizon over the back of the Butte. The Butte in the foreground is replicating her energy on a smaller scale. The stack of stones I showed you yesterday repeats it on a smaller scale yet. No doubt, this scale continues down to the size of a grain of sand or a flake of snow.

twoHere’s the thing, though. Here’s the same image 1/10th of a second later, 1/2 of one ASA stop higher.


No Mount Hood! Now, isn’t she a sneaky one. Now you can see, perhaps, the joke that the dark cliff in the foreground is sharing with the ridge of the Butte in the back. Legend says this Butte was named by … well, heck, read for yourself:

“Oral history states that the park received its former name — Horsethief Lake State Park — from workers in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who developed the site. The workers thought the terrain was similar to that of horsethief hideouts in popular 1950s Hollywood westerns. The abundance of horses kept on the premises by local Indians apparently gave the workers their inspiration.” 

Source:   Washington State Parks website, 2006, Columbia Hills State Park

Yeah, sure, except the greatest horse thief of them all was Coyote (Sen’klip or Spilyáy), the trickster, and this is either his butte or that of that other great trickster, Hare.

P1290373Hare, on the South Side of Horsethief Butte

Rump up, ears high, nose pointing downhill to the narrows.

Or both.

As for the spiritual technology, humans are part of the spiritual lens. So is the earth.

This post is for Treothe, who loves this place, too. You can read about the falls on his blog, here: click.



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  1. Thanks for revealing all of this playful mischief of the ancients in the landscape… Their is a story often told of when the river was dammed once before… (as recently as about 500 years) and Spilyay was able to use his shape shifting to trick the dam builders and break the dam… may we ride our shape shifting gifts well as we aid Spilyay in breaking the dams again!


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