flower gardening

Magnolias and the Name of the Wind

What you plant is part of an interspecies conversation between plants and plants and plants and people. At the same time that the saskatoons are subtly blooming on the hills, the magnolias are shouting in the subdivisions below them.P1250034

There are many ways to be human and a plant that expresses each of them, such as the exquisite and imported magnolias that are the favoured tree of my local city, but how many can you eat? How many thrive if you stop killing living systems to extract blue water from cycles in which clouds and plants both work to cycle water through a biosphere rather than elementally, through a technosphere? Not the magnolias. Not these maples, either.P1250023They’re beautiful, though! Every human lives a balance between universality of identity and specific identity in place. The two images above are universal and biological. The one below is specific to a spirit of place.


Saskatoons: A Different Beauty

A viewer from the saskatoon zone will know this image differently than a viewer from Europe or Africa.

If you had to name the intermontane grassland wind, this would be a start. But why would you?


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