Beautiful Water

There is a  point of balance in the universe. It is present an infinite number of times, but it is the same point each time. Today, this chinese elm found it, or it found the elm.P1160005

Each drop reflects the tree. Each bud is a drop. Darkness? Light? Water? This is music.

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  1. my world is totally grey today, dense with water, rain hanging on my windows. i’m getting ready for walking my dog, he doesn’t mind the wetness at all.


  2. This morning, the fog has closed in. I can barely see my apricot tree. Pearls of light are hanging from the branches of the peach tree, peeking out from behind the spruce. Your dog sounds like a good, wise friend.


  3. The black drops and the white drops, one positively charged, one negatively … and no idea which is which. It might be Bach?


  4. Water drops reflecting tree branches. Bubbles or water drops on window. On each bubble, you see the reflection of a sharp focused tree upside down , in many different sizes and in every single drop.


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