Ice, Wind and Light: Magic

The wind came up. The ice on Okanagan Lake is busting up and turning upside down and wearing off like stones tumbling in a stream. It’s very beautiful.

P1100721 It’s also very varied. Part of that is the light, which changed by the minute as the sun went down behind the far wall of the valley, but a lot of it is just the ice.

chunks1And what ice! Here’s the track of the sun on the water.

P1100700 These aren’t random patterns, not exactly. There was a whole host of photographers down there in the wind. That’s not random.

break Wherever we had been, we’d noticed the light and were drawn to it.

P1100715What happened to this ice is a simple thing, but complex at the same time.

P1100705It was also a very powerful thing. Pieces of the lake, held in the tension of water molecules and temperature, exploded into the air, and came back down, like meteors.

blockOver 45 minutes, I felt that we were all creatures attracted to energy.

P1100757 And finding it.

ice After my eyes were honed on the ice, I saw energy everywhere. Even as the light dropped away…

ice2 … it remained.

block3A human as an energy sensor. Now that observation would have been worth the trip down to the lake, if the beauty of it all, and the companionship, hadn’t been worth more.



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