Nature Photography

The Tree Climbing Beavers of Lower BX Creek!

Some people are messy when they eat.

P1000889They leave stuff all over the place. This is a chunk of maple that they floated down through a culvert and 200 metres downstream into the lake. Past the ducks. (I don’t think they meant it to get this far.)


Here’s one that didn’t get away. Cleaned of all the good bits and spat back out. (Not the downed tree, but the branch in the foreground.)

P1000930Everywhere you look, really.

P1000917Why, even branches up in the trees are fair game.



As for the ducks, like this one standing guard in front of the beaver’s home…

P1000966 … well, don’t get one for a guard duck, is all I can say …



Nothing is safe, not even this chinese elm…



Everything with bark on it is edible!



Welcome to the tree-climbing beavers of Lower BX Creek!

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