Endangered species

Learning from Birds

Gulls face the waves.

gulls5Ducks face humans.

ducksGulls blend in.

gull2Ducks don’t.

P1000880When gulls get in a line, it is so that they can each face the water. If they’re not facing the water, they’re walking to a place where they can.



When ducks get in line, they are following any duck that is going where they are going: to you.



Gulls maintain private space within the boundaries of the group.

gulls4Ducks do, too.




None of them want to eat this thing.



OK, the eyes, maybe, but, come on, look at the thing…

deadAnd to think that there were once salmon. Now it’s weird primeval bottom fish. Birds don’t just eat any old thing. They eat opportunities — just not weird ones. Humans ask birds to adapt by destroying their habitat…surely it’s time for humans to adapt by building some more?



Animals this beautiful shouldn’t have to beg.







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