Nature Photography

The Art of Stopping

Everything in this image stopped.


Still Life, Turtle Mountain

Including the image. Yet, take a look at the walnut shell. Every time I look at it, I see it stop just now. Then I see the mullein stalk (the one that looks like a spent cob of corn) stop. Then I see the tree roots stop. Then the rocks. Every time. So, a question: is “stopping” a continually renewable power of the universe, or a consequence of photography?

P1230004Or a human signature? The Art of Stopping. How compelling!


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  1. I know what you mean Harold. When I go out on the land and sit and become a rock or a tree stump; so still and quiet that the world forgets I’m there, I enter into timelessness. When I lose my time consciousness I’m stopped and I’m present in that moment in time. It is an art and a lifestyle that’s in decline like so many other beautiful, ancient practices.


    • Hi, Kurt,

      my theory is that it’s books that get in the way. Or, better: book consciousness.

      This time-effect is one of the costs of literacy.

      I take hope from new media. Although it drives time consciousness, it has the potential to be led in a different direction. That’s where the hope lies.

      Over the next year, I’ll be working on this at the Vertigo Gallery.

      Expect to see some posts as time opens.




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