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A Walk Through the Grass or The Goddess Takes Many Forms

Tra la la, I go up the hill. Ah, people are already here, I see.


It’s good to have company and good to go on alone.

P1210667Bella Vista

And it’s good to stop to take a look around, too. Ah, that’s where I am!

P1210668Eastern Arm, Okanagan Lake

Lakes have arms? Looks like it!

More tra la la. Oh, hello. You again!

P1210654It pays to keep the head up.

Ah, I see. Guides, too!

flying3smBest to follow. Tripsy traipsy tropsy doodlee-do.

P1210830The Other Side of the Hill

Okanagan Indian Reserve, Okanagan Lake

What’s this? More guides!

P1210823Bear Sign

No ants for me, though. I’ll pass. Ah, here’s mettle more to my liking.

P1210888Wild Black Currants

Well, almost wine, actually.

Curiosity leads me down through the trees.


The Lee Side of the Hill is a Different World Entirely

Zippity do da, zippity day.


Even Without Water Ponds are Pretty Neat!

The southern slopes are always full of grass. It’s like waves.

Ah, Madame.

mantis4Prey Mantis Giving Me the Eye

Trip, trap, trot. Oh, pretty!


Tra la la. Oh, more pretty…



superbugNice Sunglasses

At about 5 cm, with a 4 mm spike on the butt…

sharp… in this form, the Goddess is NOT to be messed with. But the road is long …

P1220147Old Boot Nailed to a Fence

… and the road is distracting …

P1220187 Snow Buckwheat Being Snow Buckwheat

… very distracting.


The Goddess, A Little Drunk on All the Flowers

But the year is winding to a close now…


It’s a good thing we’ve been this way before…

P1220082The Glaciers Did a  Little Job on it Too

… and know the way home.

P1180812Our reward waits. And work waits, too.


Blessed be.

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  1. lol yes yes, now the message
    get my ass to the tree place
    i shall ignore and go to the farmers market instead
    ok fine i’ll go after, i just have to put up a fuss
    i dislike being ordered about
    maybe the eagle will come down and chat with me a bit


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