flower gardening

The Biggest Mystery of All

Why yellow pollen?

white4sweatGreen Sweat Bee in the Chicory On Her Way Home

Why white pollen?


Wasp Bathing in White Chicory Pollen

No Yellow Pollen Cheating in the Mullein for Her

I just don’t know. For two weeks I have been working towards a list of really big questions, to lay out the outline for a new way of imagining the university. I’m thinking now that I can lay these questions out, a few each day, and build up a series of hypotheses and vital questions quite cleanly. I’m going to try that. But today, the really big question — “Why white pollen?”


Why yellow?


I dunno, but I think  the structure of the universe is explained by this.

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  1. I could say the answer was 42! But, if not, then looking at how the insects “looks” might be the answer. Flowers have different colours to attract different insects, perhaps the pollen colour is linked, too.


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