Cities: The New Frontier

Let’s say you happen to glance off to the side of your city’s main street, right downtown, and see an amazing sculpture that not only looks dashing, but incorporates at least 500 years of history and the wall of a library, too, but makes beer. Sculpture! That makes beer! P1620979Okanagan Springs Brewery, Vernon, BC

All sculpture should be so useful.

So, suppose you’re a-wandering along, and you stumble into an alley behind the Kalamalka Inn Sports Bar, where that beer is poured into glasses and transformed into pure rocket fuel for the living sculptures that are humans, and what do you see?

P1630070Exquisite Fire Escape Sculpture!

And the plaster work in behind … the work of a master.

This is a sculpture that only gets used if the place burns to the ground. Now, that seems a waste for all that beauty, doesn’t it! It’s kind of like a match itself: use it once, and off to the scrap heap with it. Sheesh. Oh, what is a pure beer-less human to do? Bumble along, I guess and … oh, what’s this?

P1000021Water Pipes for a Humungously Expensive “Greening” Project

The city will have a dozen new park benches, and a couple dozen swanky trees.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, thinks the bumbling human. What if the pipes weren’t buried in the ground, but hung from the sculpture? That would look nice, wouldn’t it? You could pour a gallon of water in the top and, oh, I dunno, strawberries would come out the bottom. You could make daiquiris or something…


PVC Strawberry Towers

Daiquiris in the making. Source.

Exquisite sculpture is everywhere. Put it to work, I say.


Do We Need Smiles on the Faces of 1914 Women Picking Apples …

… because their husbands are already dead in France? Why not grow something on the wall instead? Remember the motto of Okanagan Okanogan: Choose Life.

Art: the new frontier. It’s time to plant it up.

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  1. Planting art needs, as planting seeds, good seeds and fertile soil. The latter seems to be hard to find.But as you say, one must chose live ,no matter how hard the fertile soil is to find….


    • Indeed.

      The trick about soil, though, is it’s the bacteria in the soil that are the fertile part and that doesn’t seem too insoluble.


      • Ok, I can understand that, but what about the soil for art? Right climate must have something to do with it, I guess? Or does art grow by itself, when the soil, climate are ripe?


      • Ah, that’s interesting, Tamara. I don’t know. I wonder, though, if when things reach a certain level of complexity, art generates, whether people try to stop it or not. But what happens in monocultures? Art must go somewhere else. It must flow out through something different or does it wither away? Maybe it withers, but I think there’s another angle to this: art is everywhere when spirit is everywhere; in ‘rational’ systems, which have no ‘spirit’, or in which ‘spirit’ is in enclosed spaces and most of the world is ‘scientific’, then art is left locked within emotion and colour and earns names like “crime”, “tribal violence” and so forth, which is as far as rationality can follow it. So, maybe art springs forth when the ground is prepared by preparing ways of seeing, rather than things seen. People will automatically see things, but the ways in which to see them are lost. When they are put there, people generate life. You’ve really got me wondering here any other ideas, to help me think further?


      • Hard to say whether people will automatically see things,at least not all of them.I believe education helps here.
        I also do not believe that violence nor crime have anything to do with art.
        But art has a lot in common with socio-cultural aspects of society.And I wonder how are connected biology and art?


      • I think people respond to their environments, and that we are less rational than our mythologies tell us. We’re more like environmental mirrors or projectors than free agents, roaming through the environments.

        Or, at least, both. Yes, both.

        If everything that humans do is art (artifice), then violence and crime have a role in there. That they show up as violence and crime is not a sign of health, although that they are showing up is a sign of life (which can, tragically, be turned to death). The choice is ours.

        Biology and Art? That is fascinating territory, isn’t it! The new explorations are into the biological foundations of art, but I think it’s possible to think much bigger than that. See, now you’ve got me wondering again. Who knows what post will come out of that!


      • We could go on here ,I prefere the art defined as product of higher intentions of a human beeing . But how we call then art made by nature..
        Can’t wait to read your post, I will write mine, too !


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