The Beauty of Streams

Words matter. In fact, words are matter, because they set up the boundaries of human activity. For example, what is this stuff?

P1240218They Call it Water


It’s not water. It’s a stream. Look at how the trees stream in it:


They Call it A Reflection


Look at how the sun streams on it:


The Sun Usually Travels at the Speed of Light

But in a stream, it travels at the speed of a duck.

Speaking of cosmic forces, look at how gravity streams in this stuff:


This Stuff is Too Full of Life to Leave to the Hydraulic Engineers

As if life were a generalized principle, such as ‘water’.

Here’s what the hydraulic and civil engineers have managed to make of their invention called water after all this time:

P1240030 Okanagan Lake in the Spring Time (Okanagan Landing)

You might as well play golf in it, because swimming is not an option. Look at that muck.

Speaking of muck, look at the shoreline…

Kin Beach, Okanagan Lake

Wading with the kids, anyone? (Note: this is not natural muck. This is a physical record, or earth-photograph, of human activity.)

A better question to ask might be: is life gravity, or is it light?


Vernon Creek Mouth, Okanagan Landing

Note the gulls on the estuary. Well, they’re tiny, but if you squint, maybe… can you see them now? Way out there?

Or is water just a stream, a lake, and life?

P1240127Sometimes the Old Words are Best

Like… Joy! For starters. Words matter. 

Sometimes the old words are the best antidotes to the new ones. Sometimes, words are just not the answer:

p1240231Watercolour Painter at Play

(For more on this image, check out my sister blog, witual, by clicking: here.)

For our journey into worldlessness, check out the snow-capped mountains of late winter here:


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  1. Beautiful journey through the mystery and beauty water wants to be – and what it loses to the primitiveness of modern “civilization” – may we learn to allow the wild in our midst…


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