Walking on the Surface of the Sun

On the shore of the sea, the water goes up and down. You can walk around out there when the moon drags the ocean all here and there and the sun blows over the stones and the sand. It’s awfully beautiful. You won’t be alone.


Sea Stars, Willow Point

On the other side of the mountains, it’s still the shore. The rains rise and fall. Sometimes the ground is dry and hot in the sun. Sometimes the sun has lifted some water over the mountains and the earth turns into a tide flat. You can walk around out there, in those pools of the sun. Or you can just slide …

The Planet is Alive.

What a great place for walking on the surface of the sun. The sun itself is awfully hot, but here, right at the spot where the sun ends at last, right here where it touches the earth, there’s treasure.

X Marks the Spot

This is what it looks like when you share a habitat. Sometimes you see your neighbours. Sometimes you don’t.



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