Nature Photography

Fall: What’s Not to Love?

Autumn. It’s the beginning of the glory that is winter.

It’s About the Light!

Berry farm below Goose Lake, as the sun rises selectively.

And just in front of that? See what I mean?

Willow at Swan Lake

Morning light.

This is a time of year in which the sun actually moves, rapidly, as clouds release it and hide it, and as the earth turns away from it and towards it, at crazy angles. Well, at least that’s what the earth does with it. The results are intoxicating…

Ponderosa Pine and the Sun

Up close, where you can touch it. And it’s cool, like water! Who knew.

That’s the kind of planet it is. We’re made for this place. This is the time of year when every day just gets better and better.

Look Up! The Fires of Summer Are Over.

Now comes the season of life and mystery.

It’s so close, I can smell it on the air.





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