Trees Making Art

Trees making art? Yes, yesterday, at the Bishop Bird Sanctuary on the shore of Kalamalka Lake. The event was a poetry reading. This was the opening (and closing) act. Our artist was a chestnut. Here is her easel…

Tree Easel in Use

Note the water bottle for the tree’s human assistant. A tree does need help at this, however talented she may be. The human artist within, behind, and throughout this project is Joanne Salé. Let’s hope she does much more work as fine as this, and finds as many great partners.

And here’s her art …

Chestnut, Working on Some Fine Details

Notice how she keeps her work out of the light.

Here she is 90 minutes later, still at it…

Starting to Loosen Up!

And with her other brush (she is ambidextrous)…

I think she could do this with one hand tied behind her back

Applause for her human assistants. It’s great to see such big animals step back and get out of the light.

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    • It was great to meet you, too. I hope we can have many conversations while you are around these parts (and I hope your stay lengthens, if that is what you wish.) Thanks for your email … I was hoping you’d see the post and pass that on. best, Harold


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