The Science Fiction Universe

A river isn’t exactly water. Sometimes it’s this:


Some of the 2004 Process Tubes on the Front Face of B Reactor in Hanford

An excellent way to turn a river into plutonium, which is another word for “concentrated river dropped on Nagasaki.”

Sometimes a river is this …

Pumping Station, B Reactor, Hanford, Washington

In this form, a river is moments away from being brought close to boiling temperature as it runs through ‘the girl’ and back into the river. This is another word for ‘power’. Notice the caps left off of valve assemblies at the right, as part of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

Sometimes a river is this …

Salmon that No Longer Swim Upriver…

…turned to concrete as playthings for children.

And sometimes it’s this…

River as a Series of Mathematical Arcs of Force

A guy just has to hang on.

Oh, speaking of hanging on, here we go…


Personal Water Craft at Work

This baby was invented here on the impounded water that used to be called the Columbia River, but which is now an open air pumping station, much like the metal one at Hanford above.

Pumping station? Yeah. Like this …

Box Canyon Dam, Pend Oreille River, Washington

Transforming a River into electricity.

One of the effects of turning the river into a machine is that you can extract cooling (to make plutonium) from it, or electricity…


Turbine, City of Nelson Power Station, Bonnington

The river is used to operate this big set of magnets, which does look like a UFO.

A side effect is that water can be extracted from the river, and used to create coastal habitats in desert climates. It gives a kind of buzz, which is very addictive…

Automatic Sprinkler System, Richland, Washington

Creating a splash of green for human visual pleasure while humans, in their automobiles, pass at speed. This type of movement is akin to the operation of ski boats and personal watercraft on the impounded river.

In this sci-fi universe, in which young people are trained in mathematics and then transform the earth into a series of mathematical patterns, the sun can look like this …

The Home Base of the Reactor Men, Richland, Washington

With the sun burning through a haze of burnt forests hanging in the air. Again, this is the same universe as in the images above.

Here’s another view of that sun …

This Too is a Product of the Hanford Reactor

Once you start transforming rivers into purified products (like water, plutonium, electricity, and mathematics) that don’t exist in rivers, there’s no end to your journey.

Warning Sign at B Reactor, Hanford Nuclear Reservation


If you want to get away from it all?  Why, if escape into the purity of mathematics isn’t your thing, you can sit with your sweetie on a bench watching the mathematical dancers on the water, or you can go to the local nature reserve …

Chamna Natural Reserve, Richland, Washington

A new, uncharted environment of weeds and other invasive species between the freeways and the Yakima River at its confluence with the impounded Columbia.

And that might be about it, because this …

Tumbleweeds, Hanford Nuclear Reservation

…is off limits and full of snakes.

An entire world can be turned into a book in the Bible if you work at it long enough and hard enough. Welcome, folks, to the sci-fi universe.









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