Mustard Loving It

The mustard I use comes from France. The best mustard in Germany comes from Bautzen, near the Polish border. What’s with that?

Wild Mustard Loving It

This is a plant that has absolutely no problem whatsoever with climate change.

Tear out a water dependent farm, and what do you get?

Beautiful Mustard

Colonizing old orchard land.

After only a hundred years of applying European farming methods to this land, we’re left with memories …

The New Landscape

Thistles, Orchard Grass, Roses, and Mustard. With an old orchard truck thrown in for the joy of it.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a valley-wide food culture so great that the East Germans and the French would charter planes to come and taste the new mustards of the west beyond the west? Besides, it just looks so good.

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    • Hi,

      yes, sadly. These are weeds that have spread throughout agricultural areas, and then up into the remaining grasslands. The grasslands in this area are so mangled that very little is left, which I know because I used to live further north, where they are still 100% pristine. In this context, I would like to see what could be done to use the agricultural space to grow what actually grows easily here, and to make non-invasive reparations of the grasslands to support the remaining species. The darned cheatgrass is such an invader, though, that very little survives its greed for water. Some things do. Insect populations are suffering. I would like to see the conscious cultivation and seeding of plants that can provide alternate forage for those insects, without the danger of them going rogue on their own, and the smart use of already lost areas so that more water is not wasted. Still, the mustard is awfully nice looking. And it’s ironic that the whole colonial enterprise went bust so soon! It shows that it didn’t have a lot of oomph. But, it’s exciting: there’s a chance to look at the new, invaded grasslands (humans are one of the invaders) and see what is going on there and build from there. A whole new world!


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