First Peoples

Metal People in the Rust Belt

I think reality has become a fantasy and the true story of our time is written in science fiction. Here, for example, is a man holding up a salmon in praise, on old orchard land choked with tumbleweeds just south of the mouth of the Okanagan at Brewster, Washington. The only thing is, man, horse, and salmon are all made of metal.

Metal Okanagan Man Holding Up a Metal Salmon to the Sun

Beebe Springs (Winesap, Washington)

And here is his metal family, drying metal fish and gathering metal plants among organic weeds and park benches put there for biological humans to do a bit of resting and organic contemplation:

A Family of Metal Humans Gathering Plants in the Weeds of an Old Orchard

Beebe Springs Recreational Area, Washington

Now, the interesting thing is that the old White Human apple packinghouse across the road has also wandered into the world of post-orchard metal:

Packing House Becomes Boat & RV Storage Plus Metal Fabricating Shop

What kind of fabricating is that in the background, exactly?

Talk about Cowboys and Indians, or what. Don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you that the Wild West is dead.

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