What Colour is a Damselfly Anyway?

Note how the damselfly in the water is tall and full of energy, while the one on the butt of the birch log is weary and weighed down by the weight of the sky.

And look how the one in the water has taken on the colour of the birch, while the one in the sky has taken on the colour of oxygen. What a beautiful world!


Gardom Lake

The Story of Wasp and Grub

She moved this thing across the log like a long distance weightlifter.

wasp2Sugar Lake

Great for the wasp.

big2Bad news for the grub. It looks like it’s going to be the incubation cell and then food source for a bunch of wasp eggs. What an incredible planet, that’s for sure.



Curious Grassland Insects

Little guy.



Big guy.


Don’t be fooled. These critters get close to 5 centimetres long. They are extremely curious, and when spooked will immediately return to keep their two big eyes on you, and they don’t spook the second time. Whatever they are, they love to hang out in the grass, where the sun is hot enough to turn the earth to dust, and if there’s a human around, zoom, they’re there to check it out. It’s nice being checked out and being put in my place.

Masked Hunter

The bug from my shed has a name and a story.  It’s a masked hunter. It picks up dust bunnies and carries them around. No lie. Read about it here. Thanks to all of you who found it for me!


And here I thought it was a rare grassland critter. I think it loves my shed, though. I also think it’s dusty camouflage does not work on the tarp. Good to know, should you wish to try this method of sneaking up on bugs.