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  1. Drive Thru Pick-Up

    It was a fine fall day, not too warm, not too cold, and Tyler was waiting to place his order at the Starbucks drive thru. On the radio, he heard about the millions protesting against the inaction on the climate crisis, and large-scale arrests of people who were practicing civil disobedience. It is October 7th, 2019, and Tyler decides, finally, to act, uniquely placed, as he is, in a way so as to block the drive thru. He turns off his engine, engages the emergency breaks, and leaves the car to go and get his coffee inside. While waiting, he takes a reusable cup from the shelf. It appeals to him, black with markings, a take or appropriation of indigenous design. He has a pang of guilt when he thinks of it, and as he walks out with his coffee, and feels the sun on his face, he walks right past his car, and realizes that for the first time in his life, he feels alive.

    Claude p.s. Sorry if I am mis-using Okanagan Okanagan, but my eyes are so wide-open, and cannot close them to sleep.



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