Green Algae + Yellow Pollen + Rain + Beaver = Beautiful Life

Pollen in the rain is nice.P1060499

But without rain, it’s nice, too.P1060501 You’d think these currents might be created by the wind.P1060502

Nope, they run with deep flows of water. The wind doesn’t touch them.P1060503

Waves slosh them a bit. P1060505

Some kind of electric thing happens around logs.P1060507

This is the Conconully Reservoir in the springtime. The entire lake is blooming with these tiny round algae. When you hit a thick patch your kayak slowwwwwws down.P1060508

But who would mind?P1060509 Ospreys, that’s who. It’s hard to see fish in this stuff. P1060515

See what I mean about the logs? Thanks to the beaver.P1060516

The white haze on the image below is the sun, filtered out of the sky and laid on the edges of waves of energy.P1060518


For the Love of Water

Light is pretty great stuff.P1670572 Add it to grass and it’s even greater.P1670571 Water helps.P1670568 A lot.

P1670567 Some forms of life are the embodiment of the energy of the intersection of water and light.P1670562 Algae, for instance.P1670561 And grass.P1670559 Look how the algae holds onto air.P1670552 Other forms of energy also get blended in. P1670550 Water is indeed amazing stuff.

P1670547 Really amazing.P1670543 Can you imagine life without it?P1670542 I don’t mean, without hydrocarbon strings, I mean without the essence and flow of water.P1670541 Doesn’t life flow in the same way?P1670540 Isn’t life water meeting earth?P1670538


Meeting air?

P1670582 Meeting sun?pattern