Let the Life Go On

For 10 days, my quince was the beloved haunt of both a Rufus and a Calliope hummingbird.

Rockscaping will not keep the planet alive.

Saving water? Funny, the words we use.

Nor will patio culture.

View of a Wasteland of Weeds. No insects, though, and few birds. 10 years ago, monarch butterflies lived here. No more.

Only life will keep life alive.

Blessed be.

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  1. “Jeff Knott, director of policy at RSPB, told me that the reasons behind the declines were various and often complex, including avian malaria and climate change, but that a common factor was the “tidying up” of Britain’s gardens and countryside, which deprived birds of food and habitat.
    “It’s about wildness, whether we’re talking about our gardens or the wider countryside. Nature hates neat. What wildlife needs is often the scruffy patches and the bits around the edge. Across the country, we’re losing a lot of our scruffiness.“


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