Nature Photography

Accidental Invention

It was created at considerable expense to protect a somewhat unhappy hydrangea from deer. This is what landscaping can be when you’ve spent your million bucks on the house and then what. Rebar, horticultural wire, and fishing line, that does the trick. Look, it ain’t pretty, but it does a fine job of catching tumble mustard, so top marks.

However, the real gem here is its accidental water collecting abilities. Have a look on a foggy day:

Now, isn’t that fine. No $100,000,000 piping and pumping system required.

The Earth is trying to teach us, really she is. If we keep pushing our technically-minded kids into IT classes, they’re going to keep making mobile phone apps instead, although phones don’t drink water.

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  1. Great, simple design. It works for semi-dwarf apple trees, too. A lady in Hazelton whose yard is a regular haunt of deer puts a fence around the trees and then strings wires across the openings. The deer don’t want to have their bodies hemmed in by strings/wires so they refrain from jumping over the fence.

    (Bigger fence posts around the farm are now showing the depressions due to heat striking the posts. Those little rings of melting snow also provide good access points for least weasels that they go vole hunting.


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