The Not-So-Solid Earth

Here, right at the join between Fairview and Sicamous bedrocks, the floor of our Earth, the ground we stand on, shows just how unsolid it is.

“Bedrock” conjures up stability, but look at this stuff. It has been splintered and fractured several times, long ago. It is made of various flows that have been compacted under heat and pressure and others that fill old cracks and breakages. To this are added the new breakages of blasting to make a road. This face alone is one of those breaks.

But it only broke so flatly because the break was already there. Interestingly enough, the sumac below follows the same patterns, and it, too is broken. This time by a deer rubbing its antlers.

The contrast of force is stunning. The sumac is rising. The cliff is falling. We see all this at once because our minds fall in the same patterns. That’s the bedrock of this planet.

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