Fail and Fail Again: Okanagan Architectural Blooper, Part 3

This is not good! In January, I knocked on the door of this house and suggested they had a problem. Here’s the problem from around this time last year, before it got really bad:

Sadly, I saw it coming.

I suggested to the fashionable young woman that she contact her builder and get this fixed before her new house slid downhill. She said she would. A few weeks later, he filled the eroded cavity with sand. Time went on. Two days ago, it looked like this again:

Sadly, I saw it coming when I saw that sand. The amount of cynicism and ignorance on display here cannot be a sign of cultural health. Not to mention the landowner’s lack of seeing care for her, well, front yard, or, seemingly, even the tiniest bit of interest in peering over her railing.

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