Fire on the Caldera Wall

Yes, it was a volcano 35,000,000 years ago. The fire is on its rim.

This is close to home. My hopes are for a safe resolution of this terrible situation. One day we will all realize that turning the forests into industrial reserves and then building houses within these industrial sites is no solution and no way for living on the land-and-the-water. These decisions were made during the American Gold Rush on the Fraser River in 1858, and written into British Columbia’s cultural DNA. Only we, the people, can remake that. Please wish us well.

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  1. hi Harald, I agree, we are reaping what has been sowed over many, many years. I hope you will be alright. We heard about the fire crossing over the highway, and destroying homes. Terrible for the people, but before we immediately rebuild, we need to think about where we are building, what we continue to do to the land. Not the landscape, the land, the one which we depend on for our lives, and for all life on this planet


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