Crazy for Wine

The Penticton Western News is really into wine these days. Here’s a screenshot from an article from May:

How great is that. Pandosy arrived in 1859, camped at Ellison, froze in the snow, moved south to what is now Kelowna, and with the help of Father Richard and Brother Surel knocked together a one-room cabin (as they had done many times in Washington) and bunked upstairs. If they made wine, and Pandosy did, indeed, like to tip back a glass or a few (often a few), it must have been out of… what? saskatoon berries (not likely, there is little juice or sugar in them), Oregon grapes? (pucker time), elder berries?, chokecherries? Probably the elders. Hardly the beginning of a wine industry. Heck, to have food for the winter, he had to make a special trip to Kettle Falls that year to snag some wheat, and pack it back, at great expense. Hardly an agricultural triumph. I sure do wish the myth of the Great White Father would end. It was created to sell real estate from 1898 to 1914, to show the promise of the Okanagan as a White paradise. I guess it still sells land today. In fact, in the Okanagan, there is hardly a greater example of Settler politics than this misuse of Pandosy, as the truth-stretching of this article surely shows.

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