Are You Guys Nuts?

Who hires these guys to landscape their 2 million dollar homes? If you have the money to build a house like that, can you not do math? So, you want the house flat. So, you pile on stuff to make it so. So, you do, do. you. But there is a planet involved in this! Has no one noticed? Aside from the running up and down the hill with a loader, below, which is just sad, look at that slope. It’s loose crushed gravel.

The Rise, Vernon, Okanagan

And just after it was poured on, look what it did, without even a deer walking on it, or rain, or nothing.

It slumped. Huh. It tried to find a natural angle, that, you would think, someone building a 2 million dollar house might be able to a) calculate, or b) just know by looking around. But, no. No, it’s not like that. We’re doomed.

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