Want to Buy Some Land in Vernon?

This orchard will be for sale soon.

It’s dying. There’s no way that it can pay off the cost of its posts now, let alone anything else.

There’s an idea out there that apple trees can be farmed mechanically, that you don’t have to be there, to deal with troubles as they arise, or even to see them. The idea is that farming can be a kind of factory technology, and apples can be farmed from a tractor, with all other inputs, water, fertilizer and so on, handled automatically.

Well, at three years, these government subsidized trees are dying or dead. That government money paid for these trees, as part of an orchard renewal program, is just not OK. Let me leave it at that.

So, have a few million dollars you don’t know what to do with? Want to come to the “Sunny Okanagan” and give it a try? Your chance will come soon. Just remember not to ask for advice. You know best.

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  1. What an experience you have had in working the land with all the changes over the years. Back in the late 70s my father in law wouldn’t sell the orchard in Osoyoos to his son. He said you work hard for very little in return. You and your wife will need a second job to get by. Not an easy life. Perhaps it works best with large families that are all dedicated to the collective good. Sure looks like it from this side of the fence. May your land sell and you get to enjoy life in the way that fills your heart.


    • Thanks, Joan! If this was my orchard, it wouldn’t look like this. It hurts to see land and government subsidies squandered by ignorance and bad methods, doesn’t it! What was your father in law’s name? I bet my father knew him.


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