A Good Year for Birds (But Not for Everyone)

The robins hatched their young a couple weeks early, but the gold finches are six weeks ahead. Viruses are spreading through the wild roses and some have lost their pink ..

… the cottonwoods are short of nutrients, and so are the elders…

… the grass has dried up early, even for cheat grass…

… and tonight there is rain. Whew! It is like the seasons have moved. It’s a cicada year, too, and a year for parasites in the choke cherries.

Actually, that might make sense. If there’s no water, the fruit and its seed might as well go to the insects, to keep the birds alive. Next year might be a year for the green things again. But, there is good news. Last year, the birds stayed away. This time, it’s a great year for birds. There are many lazuli buntings, for the first time in a decade.

Maybe that’s how it goes. Bird and insect years and other years for green things and other years for fire. I’m happy about the birds, and look forward to seeing what an early winter looks like. I mean, if winter comes in September, will it be a September winter, or a December winter early?

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you have many songbirds again.
    What is the second photo? It looks like it might be an elderberry?

    Bears grazing in the hayfield here yesterday. The cows were interested. They shook their horns (heads) at the bears.


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