Winter Tomatoes Make the Best Sauce

Two months ago, we picked these beauties. They were all very green then.

Last night, they went into the pot. The combination of black, green, yellow and red made a balance just like Ricardo’s sauce, famous in these parts:

I deviated from Ricardo’s instructions and flavoured it with a red onion, a red clove of garlic, Winter Savoury, Sage and dried Basil. The flavour was very close to Ricardo’s, but that’s not the most exciting part. These small tomatoes, so sugary in the summer, harvested very late after weeks of cool, even cold, weather, and ripened cold and very slowly, had a complex flavour, no longer suitable for fresh eating, but wondrous in the pot. What’s more, in the summer, sauce from these little guys is very watery and doesn’t thicken, but this sauce came out very thick, without boiling down, with, remarkably, a real fresh summer tomato flavour. What an amazing discovery! (ps, I blended them before putting them on the stove.)

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