Settlers on the Beach

Every winter, Okanagan Lake piles up leaves, wood, reeds, weeds, shells and feathers on the shore, high and low, bringing life to the dead strand line, building a forest.

Every spring, the City of Vernon hires men with loaders and dump trucks to scoop it all up and haul it away for the human pleasure of lying on the first beach of the world, naked skin to naked skin. No life will come from this image-making, only images.

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  1. Thanks for putting to word my wonderings. And here in Kelowna, during and after spring freshet, all the lovely driftwood and detritis on our beaches scooped up and carted away (by the cousins of the Vernon crew). All the time water has spent lovingly softening edges and creating artistic masterpieces — taken, chipped, repurposed. Hmmm…

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