Professional Road Repair: Public Service in the North Okanagan

Welcome to Vernon.

We look after our roads here.

Palomino Road

Others might consider it a mysterious business, but sometimes we fix many holes at a time.

Our work crews are trained and skilled, and know how to recognize which hole in a strip of a thousand holes is just the lynchpin holding the road together as a road, and they fix it on the spot.

It takes a lot of training. Just being a citizen of town, I’d have thought that the hole below was worthy of attention …

… but it is obviously harmless. It’s a good thing we have experts. Look at the great job they did on Bella Vista Road around the corner.

That’s four layers in one hole! That’s a long-term investment in care. That’s why amateurs should not try to repair a road shoulder on their own, as this guy did on Orchard Hill:

Tsk! Tsk! Let’s hear it for professionalism!

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  1. We live on a gravel road that is marked by potholes and washboards, mainly due to the constant rain this summer and the snow/melt/snow cycle early this autumn.

    We find the local road crew does about as good a job as one can hope for. They are also helpful: they open up the shoulder for parking spaces at the little country church for the (cancelled this year) Christmas service, etc.

    As for potholes in gravel–my back teeth are loose.


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