Gull Island: A New Island in Okanagan Lake

I herby name this new island Gull Island. It has been building for a decade from road sand dumped into BX Creek and carried into the lake at Canim Bay, but now some visionary soul has added rocks and a log.

So, this is better than China’s new islands in the South China Sea, which are just sand and military airstrips. This is one for the gulls. Let us take a moment in silence to honour the visionary who made solid what was just a gleam in a thousand gulls’ eyes.

Well done, everyone.

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  1. Gull island 2. Gull island 1 came and went every year at the mouth of Mission Creek, and maybe still does. In latter years it was renamed Goose island, after the indiginous population were displaced by foreign settlers, who claimed to be transient but then stayed and colonized the place, changing it forever with their goose shit.


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