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Is Democracy Done?

Look at what Wikipedia says about democracy:

In Ancient Greece, a deme or demos (Greek: δῆμος) was a suburb or a subdivision of Athens and other city-states. … The establishment of demes as the fundamental units of the state weakened the gene, or aristocratic family groups, that had dominated the phratries.[2]


Isn’t what we have now a genocracy? Certainly, local groups of people don’t run politics. It’s more like threads within those local groups do. Sure, they do so by gaining the support of a deme (or local population), but at root, they argue for the rights of groups based on physical differences of gender and race, set by genes. Humans do so today with an eye to social freedoms within the deme, sure, but is this really democracy? And, are those whose lives are at stake represented in the legal and political halls of this civic state?


Here’s a question you can ask: Do those above three images represent what you conceive of as civic government? Does the following downy woodpecker going at the aphid problem in a plum tree?

No, Canadian culture calls this “wild” and sets it outside the scope of the deme. Let me be clear. This is the deme. Democracy still has a chance.

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  1. Re: “they argue for the rights of groups based on physical differences of gender and race.” Related is the power of entitled groups within gender and race, I think.


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