What to Do When You Lose Your Hat in the Wind

Seriously, out in the shrub steppe it does get windy, and losing a hat is a real thing. The sun can then burn you into a lump of tar. I had a straw hat on the Big Bar Esker that went up in a spiral and started flapping towards the lake, and there I was bounding after it like an antelope. One could break a hoof like this. Not a great idea. Well, remember the other week? When I showed you the spring hats in fashion out this way?


Yeah, and what do you do when one of those blows off? It happens. I caught the moment a week ago. Rather forlorn, really.


But, wait, what’s this?

A lady and her hat are never truly parted it seems. Then they chose to show me how a cow attempts to get it back on, lacking a prehensile thumb and all:

That’s right. You ask nicely, while singing. I should have realized that. And when that fails? I know I’ve shown you the image below before, but now you get to see it in its full story.

That’s right. You use the only mock orange for a couple miles as a hat. Cows are truly beautiful and mysterious creatures, eminently practical and full of art and genial good humour. Plus, they love their hats. I thought you’d like to know.

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