First Peoples

Wild Currants are Ready

What I love about Pacific wild currants is that they taste as dry as the land on a hot day.

Their sweetness is pale and their juice minimal, and yet if you eat just two or three berries you will feel the essence of the land within you, which you will never do with an apple, a bottle of wine, an apricot, a plum or a peach. If vineyards were really selling terroir (the aspect of soil and climate that gives specific flavour to grapes, leading to the claim that one can taste the land in wine), they would offer their visitors a handful of these berries, then sit down with them and talk.

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    • They are truly very fine! My white currants aren’t ripe yet, though, but they are good at shyly hiding in the corner.No blossoms on the black or red currants this year, but a bumper gooseberry crop coming along. Just picking nanking cherries now.



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