Erosion Can be a Healing Force

The abandoned gravel pit.

Note the erosion.  Note how the rock is sorted down slope around a nascent stream channel.

The clays have settled out of the water below where the land flattens out.


The sun lifts them off. They will fill with windblown seeds in the next few weeks, then close up again with summer thunderstorms.

And the elms (an invasive species filling some missing niches) sprouts like the dickens on the edges, where the damp remains..

In the end, there will be a grove of trees, and a band of herbaceous plants along their edge in the sun. Upslope, there will be escape terrain for deer, a good tumble of rock as shelter for herbs, snakes and small mammals and as rooting ground for shrubs. The slopes in between will be colonized with snow buckwheat and, with luck, some cactus brought by the deer and the wind,  Not only will the land be whole, but it will not have eroded.

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