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The Pointlessness of Herbicides, or For the Love of Laziness

Herbicides are drugs for the mind. Here’s what a family down the road has done to give themselves a fix, and to take care of the Earth’s pesky problem of being alive all at the same time.

Why bot her? The grass didn’t die and the mallow, an edible wild plant, is thriving. Wouldn’t it have been better to accept Earth’s gesture of sustenance? Well, at any rate, a little further down the road a similar approach to gravel yields some unsprayed cheatgrass:

Apart from the fact that the real problem in both cases is the use of gravel as if it weren’t the most efficient seed-gatherer around, this cheatgrass is almost finished the year that began for it last September, most of that under the snow. It will be gone just as quickly as the weed-sprayed grass was supposed to be but won’t be because home-based application of weedkillers never works out as planned. That’s because the Earth, the target of this poisoning, is alive, which was what the application of both gravel and weedkiller was intended to address. And the Earth is bigger than we are. Humility, folks. It’s time.

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