Artificial Intelligence

The Old Year and the New Year Open As One in the Grass

When we see a head, the head sees us. Together we are a moment of seeing.

Perhaps you are used to using the word “rock” for a head like this? Perhaps “boulder”? Or “stone”? Sure. These are choices. These are ways of saying that one is not bound by this Earth, because, well, one can dig up that darned head and nothing will happen. No god will smite one down. It is very true, but one will also be diminished. To explore the idea that the history of diminishment that has given us words like “rock” and “boulder” for “head” might be capable of being filled and opened into broader light, I call it a head. Perhaps that will help to make it clear that the seeing that takes place revolves around it, that it is not directional, but is a passageway opened between Earth and Mind, and perhaps from there we can easily walk to place where “mind” is not a personal possession but this act of opening, this moment of sharing vision. What’s more, if we enter the head again …

… we have a chance to be in the year-long moment in which the green grass that makes the head’s hair in the dry, dead Autumn grass. We are given a chance to understand that this is grass, and its extension across a year, is “seeing” as well. It’s not that it sees us or we see it but that seeing is opened and we are free to walk through it. This walking might be across the grass towards it, or towards another head…

… but it might just as well be entering deeper into the moment, whether one is “moving” through grass or “standing still.” After all, if we wade through the grass to the head, the head is growing larger in this moment of shared consciousness, revealing itself in greater and greater detail. We can reach out and touch it, and say, “Oh, there it is. Right there,” but, really, as the head points out, “there we are.”

At this dark time of the Earth, it is good to remember that the years do not pass but open, and that what we usually call “the old year” does not close and “the new year” does not open in its place. They both open. In the contemporary conversation about the value of artificial intelligence, it is good to remember that any intelligence that does not work along thee lines is artificial intelligence, and that as powerful as these tool are they limit us.

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