The Best Hours of the Year

I had an unusual start in life. When the sky got like this at this time of year (and even darker at solstice), I was out pruning fruit trees, like this apple and the apricot behind it, until even the starlight couldn’t illuminate the branches.


I learned many things, all of which would be illegal now, because children aren’t legally allowed to work. One thing I learned is that it is possible to prune trees in the dark. Another is that it is possible to do so because they are your body.

And so it is, at this time of year, that I find myself outside in an eternal moment that is fifty years ago and is present now. Nothing gives the world more meaning.

In other words, I grew up on Earth, and now that society has turned from it, I’m still here.

Still looking forward to the next cut. It is possible to read years into the future by doing this. Seemingly, it is possible to read years into the past.

What a joy!

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