It’s Not Just Technology That Changes the World

Like the apple, the quince was selected by thousands of years of human use to be the size of a hand.

Any smaller and our ancestors would have walked on. It doesn’t hurt that it looks like a mouth, too.

Or the leaf a tongue.

From hand to mouth, that’s the way.

This is just one of the agricultural arts.

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  1. I rather think this is your blog in just one heading. That it is not just technology that changes the world. 15 billion years of the most astonishing patience in order to create one leaf, one fruit. But we are so impatient and think that everything must happen within the span of a single human life.


    • Great observation! I’d say that “in the span of a human life” is longer than the current attention span, which is more like “in the span of an afternoon,” on the principle that humans make and create things out of thin air, or perhaps a few months. Having huge amounts of fossil energy available certainly helps to intensify these illusions.


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