Deer at Work


A stack of criss-cross bones …

… goes walking in the weeds, trot, trip, trit, trop.

Et voilà! A trail in the shape of their bones.

Not just that, but bunchgrass perfectly spaced to fit both its root needs, those footsteps, disturbed soil for seed, pooling water, and snow. Not footsteps at a run, just fawn-following-doe-following-doe-following-doe-following-doe footsteps (and sometimes a buck.)

We could plant this way.

Beautifully done, dears.

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  1. Magnificent and majestic animals. Used to watch does and their fawns come to water on a beach near a place I had on Kootenay Lake. Never tired of watching the attentive mothers and their frisky youngsters dance with joy and sometimes in mischief. Thank you for this thoughtful piece!


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