A How-To Primer on Using Invasive Species for Landscaping in the Okanagan

Well, the money has been spent and the yard has been cleaned up all spiffy like.

We’re still forty years from mature Okanagan landscaping. Decorative cedars, chewed by deer and dear to drought.

Or the big hunters in their decorative spruce lairs.

And some wild lettuce, wild morning glory and wild buckwheat taking some fancy rock work into their hearts, because rocks catch seeds from the wind and water from the rain, make soil and the whole living world.  Quickly, too. Look at them go!

But there’s time for that. At the moment, it’s just good to know that the Earth is claiming her own back. It begins shyly.

But impervious to drought.

And exploiting a little human error doesn’t hurt.

And using spiders to catch seeds out of the wind, that’s the way of the grasslands. I expect great things from these salsify seeds, and that leaf, drought blasted and blown in from some feral landscaping down the street,


that’s some good soil on the way! It’s so great when people spend so much money to create prime landscapes for renewal of the Earth!


Wild Lettuce Takes on the Road in the Heavy Lifting Event, and Wins

Let the games begin.

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