Everybody Go Slanted, All Together Now!

Grass. Grows towards the sun. Ah, but that’s not its whole story. The hot summer sun at 6 pm reveals a different story.

This verticality thing, maybe it’s a human misunderstanding? Here’s a grassland creature showing the way.

And wasp, well, upside down works, too. Not a human bias!

Morning glory shows how verticality is meaningless. You can pass through it like water.

In fact, to keep vertical, whoa, you really gotta work at it.

It’s all fine for the spring twigs, but the leaves? They have to go to the ground to make mulch for another generation. Let them go.

And cat tails? Sort of vertical.

OK, not so much.

Oh, crikey! Whew!

Ah, that’s better.

So, let’s set those human biases aside, eh.

Go slant!

It is, after all, a 4-D world. Here for instance is a flock of waxwings.

Well, not yet, but they will come. Ah, there’s one scouting it out.

Note the slant. That’s the way.

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