Artificial Intelligence

Oh, Lego, You Have So Much to Answer For

We all need a place to live. In the world of creativity, there’s a place for everyone.

If not, you can make one out of stuff lying around. Bridge and highway material lying around in a loading yard? Why, it’s a hammock in a concrete jungle, for instance. Just right for an orang-utan in Chester.

A passage tomb can be a fine expression of an eternal home in a crack of spring light through rocks gathered from hillsides all around. Nice.

A pile of rocks is a home, too, of course, without the human artistry.

Or an artificial pile of rocks. A little creativity will keep the tradition going.

To make this easier for everyone, we have Lego. A brightly-coloured, interlocking building block from Denmark.

Plus plastic wrap.

And toy trucks and trailers……to haul the kit around.

The men who do this work are called “builders.”


They are said to “build” “buildings” and “improve” property. Height, that’s the thing. Humans want to stand up tall.

That weird bit of plastic is meant to protect the grass from run off from the lego-block foam forms for a tall, tall concrete wall. Picasso could have made this line with a swish of his brush.

These are important social gestures, which confer social belonging. It’s best to colour coordinate in a Lego way when you’re done.



Thing is, these “builders” are actually assembling. Not building.


Need a place for a romantic family farm’s romantic chickens? It’s easy if you’ve learned your Lego lessons.

Creativity is, in other words, a kind of stacking or warehouse behaviour.

Or parking.


Oh, I mean parking. “Park” is the word for “public land” on a capitalized Earth. You can park a tree on it and wait for it to grow like magic.

Or die. Well, that’s nature, eh!

Actually, no. That Lego-blessed tree above? The Russian olive down the hill, planted by a bird (because birds aren’t creative just integrated), looks like this:

Creativity is over-rated. Lego has a lot to answer for. You ever walked through a dark room full of lego?

Lego suggests that the answer isn’t a vacuum cleaner and a dumpster. But then, they would.


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