The Earth Renews Itself So Easily in the Old Neighbourhoods of East Hill

Fall becomes spring in the heartland of this city I live on the grassy edge of. Let’s go for a tour. Note the good work with the leaf blower. Non-living environments take a lot of work to keep them dead, but, what, you want to step on leaf goosh when you get out of your Suburu onto your water-conserving driveway? No, you do not.

But on the city land a foot away, well, look at that: the leaves! Blown right away into the storm drain zone. Someone else’s problem, right?

Na, more like someone else’s opportunity! Here’s the scene with two years of those “Oh, City Workers please take away our leaves please” leaves (which are the same as the “Ha ha ha, no we aren’t going to, we don’t have a budget for that” leaves, which is, maybe, why they’re called ‘leaves’…? Ha ha ha. Sorry.

But look at that! Salad (gone a little long in the tooth, tsk tsk) and four new maple trees. You see how that works? Across the street, they’re trying this earth renewal world peace thing with prayer flags.

The maples are more efficient. And the wild lettuces and pineapple weed!


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